Online Check Out Refresher Workshop


Course Content:

This online course is aimed at those already familiar with the Check Out process and is offered as a refresher to existing knowledge. Please note, the completion of this course does not entitle the student to AIIC Membership.

All courses are provided by Solutions 4 Inventories.

To purchase this course, please click on the following link to be directed to their website: Check Out Refresher Workshop


Completion of the Course

Students must complete each module and submit self assessment papers to course tutors in chronological order.

Once each paper has been marked and returned to the student, you may then submit the next modules question paper.

On successful completion of the final self assessment paper, students will receive, via email, a Certificate of Completion, and the Solutions 4 Inventories logo, which students are free to display on their inventory related paperwork and websites.

Students undertaking the Solutions 4 Inventories Online Course will also have access to the following:


  • Check Out Workshop – to aid in deciding whether an item would be considered as tenant liability, landlords maintenance or fair wear & tear
  • Student Only Facebook Group where students will be able to ask both tutors and students questions relating to the Inventory Process
  • Downloadable sample of a completed check out report

Course Syllabus

Module One – The Check Out

  • What is a Check Out
  • How Check Outs Work
  • Check Out Tenants and Situations
  • The Check Out Inspection – Danger areas room by room

Module Two – The Check Out Report

  • Types of Check Out Report
  • Guide to Check Out Report Layout
  • Compiling your Check Out Report
  • Compensation – working out how much compensation applies and when charges should be made

Module Three – Fair Wear & Tear

  • What is Fair Wear and Tear
  • Lifespan Limitations
  • What is and is not Fair Wear and Tear
  • Judging Fair Wear and Tear - What You Need to Know