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AIIC Membership

On completion of this course, students who are or will be self employed independent inventory clerks will be eligible for AIIC Membership.

To attain membership, students will need to provide their Solutions 4 Inventories Certificate of Completion, in addition to the required information and documentation as detailed under the Join Us page on the AIIC Website.

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Membership year runs from January - December, and once membership has been approved, there will be nothing to pay until the normal annual renewal on or before 31st December of the year of application.

Course Syllabus


Module One - Before Your Start

  • Overview of The Inventory Process
  • Meters and how to read them
  • Brief guide on Gas and Electrical requirements
  • Smoke Detector Regulations
  • Furniture & Furnishings (Fire) (Safety) Regulations
  • Duty of care

Module Two – The Inventory Process

  • What is an inventory
  • The Inventory layout
  • Tools of the Trade
  • Overcoming Inventory Situations
  • How to Compile an Inventory

Module Three – The Check In

  • What is a Check In
  • How Check Ins Work
  • Check In Tenants and Situations
  • Note for the Check In Inspection
  • Inventory Updates

Module Four – The Check Out

  • What is a Check Out
  • How Check Outs Work
  • Check Out Tenants and Situations
  • The Check Out Inspection – Danger areas room by room

Module Five – The Check Out Report

  • Types of Check Out Report
  • Guide to Check Out Report Layout
  • Compiling your Check Out Report
  • Compensation – working out how much compensation applies and when charges should be made

Module Six – Fair Wear & Tear

  • What is Fair Wear and Tear
  • Lifespan Limitations
  • What is and is not Fair Wear and Tear
  • Judging Fair Wear and Tear - What You Need to Know